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05-04-10, 08:36 PM
I am using robocopy for a manual baseline copy which changes the folder
timestamps to the date of copy. All file copy timestamps are good, is there
an issue with folder timestamps when it comes time for the consistency check?
Also, is the ownership attribute for a folder/file needed with respect to the
consistency check?
05-05-10, 06:58 AM
Praveen D [MSFT]
Yes Before doing a consistency check for a file DPM, does a light
weight validation like, file contents checksum, attributes, owner
information, security acles etc... all of them need to be same to avoid
entire file contents checksum(at each block level) verification. If any of
them are not matching then consistency check brings the data in difference
to make them same. In a way, if any of the attributes do change/not matching
at a high level verification DPM validates the entire file checksum, it may
take longer to finish this operation but it transfers only the difference in
the file contents. Hope this helps you understand how the consistency check
works post manual replica creation.

Praveen D [MSFT]
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"JM" <JM> wrote in message
05-06-10, 09:20 PM
Thanks, I now understand the process.

"Praveen D [MSFT]" wrote:
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